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Activites for Complementary Events and Probability Venn Diagrams

Hey all Thought I would post my Maths Middle Years assignment. I did complementary events and Venn Diagrams that were focused on Year 8s. There are student misconceptions for both activities. Both activities have step-by-step instructions for the teachers and … Continue reading

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An easy activity to show how plate tectonics interact

Plate tectonics allow the top layer of the earth (the lithosphere) to move, resulting the land formations and current oceans that we have today. There are numerous ways in which you could display how plate tectonics interact. However, I think … Continue reading

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Climate Change Activities

Just thought I’de take a moment to plug a website that was introduced to me today in my Middle Years Science university class. There are many simple activities showing how a change in the global climate is going to influence … Continue reading

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The effect of low socio-economic class on schooling success in Australia: case studies from Australia and around the world

Hey all The following pdf is my attempt at describing how socio-economic status can influence schooling success within Australia. This was part of a university assignment. It may not be great (and more proof reading should have been done) but … Continue reading

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