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An easy activity to show how plate tectonics interact

Plate tectonics allow the top layer of the earth (the lithosphere) to move, resulting the land formations and current oceans that we have today. There are numerous ways in which you could display how plate tectonics interact. However, I think … Continue reading

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What happens to water in space?

The amazing thing about water (and when you think about it any substance) is the way it ‘behaves’ under different scenarios. For example, it can be a solid, liquid or gas – dependent in how much energy has effected the … Continue reading

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Extreme weather set to get worse

2011 – 220 scientists – experts in the field of global climate – conclude that extreme weather is increasing – heatwaves to become more damaging – intense rainfall to become…well….more intense. Not good news for Australia – especially considering that … Continue reading

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Star profile: Betelgeuse

Originally posted on phoenixsic:
by Chris Phoenix Clarke Betelgeuse (pronounced ‘betel-jers’) is a red supergiant star around 640 light years away in the constellation of Orion. It is nearly 1000 times larger than the Sun and 20 times more massive; it’s…

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Two galaxies collide – and our galaxy (The Milky Way) is one of them

The Andromeda and the Milk Way galaxies are expected to collide. Scientists now say (with near certainty) that the two will meet and merge in the future. The two galaxies are being pulled together by both gravity and invisible dark … Continue reading

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Climate Change Activities

Just thought I’de take a moment to plug a website that was introduced to me today in my Middle Years Science university class. There are many simple activities showing how a change in the global climate is going to influence … Continue reading

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New Species of Badger Bat from Sudan

Ever thought what you would get if you crossed a badger and a bat? You haven’t? That’s OK. I haven’t either. It would (most likely) be impossible to do. However, we now have the next best thing. A new species … Continue reading

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