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An easy activity to show how plate tectonics interact

Plate tectonics allow the top layer of the earth (the lithosphere) to move, resulting the land formations and current oceans that we have today. There are numerous ways in which you could display how plate tectonics interact. However, I think … Continue reading

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What happens to water in space?

The amazing thing about water (and when you think about it any substance) is the way it ‘behaves’ under different scenarios. For example, it can be a solid, liquid or gas – dependent in how much energy has effected the … Continue reading

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NASA discovers three Earth-like planets; could host life ~ Digital Journal

New earth like planets you say. Imagine if they contain life – and we are looking at them and they are looking at us. Freaky, huh?

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How close is Mars to the Earth? When we think of it on a galactic scale we know that it really isnt that far. However, from lonely human point of view – its a really, really, really big hike. The … Continue reading

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