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Extreme weather set to get worse

2011 – 220 scientists – experts in the field of global climate – conclude that extreme weather is increasing – heatwaves to become more damaging – intense rainfall to become…well….more intense. Not good news for Australia – especially considering that … Continue reading

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Saving a Possum

The Leadbeater’s possum, located in Victoria within Australia, is on the brink of extinction (despite being the Victorian fauna emblem). Currently, the wild population is approx. 1000, with about 80% their habitat within areas that are considered ‘loggable’. If their … Continue reading

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North Stradbroke National Park

  For those that haven’t heard – North Stradbroke Island has approx. 20% of its area secured as National Park. At present, the Queensland Government hopes to have three-quarters of the island declared National Park within the next 10 years … Continue reading

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Australian Acid Frogs

Howdy Readers and Bloggers out there in Blogger Land Today, as you can probably tell from the title, we will be discussing Australian ‘Acid’ Frogs. Firstly, I want you to picture a certain scenario in your mind. Picture four frog species that, when … Continue reading

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Welcome to Environment101

Hello and welcome to Environment101. The aim of this blog is to educate readers on environmental issues. Posts will range from the ‘hot topics’ (i.e. Global Warming) to the not so hot topics (i.e. bat guano). We are based out … Continue reading

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