Two galaxies collide – and our galaxy (The Milky Way) is one of them

The Andromeda and the Milk Way galaxies are expected to collide. Scientists now say (with near certainty) that the two will meet and merge in the future. The two galaxies are being pulled together by both gravity and invisible dark matter.

But not to worry – the Earth and our Sun will be left relatively unharmed. Furthermore, this event isn’t expected to happen within the next 4 billion years.

However, if we were around to see the night sky we would see amazing images. See the image below for a great example:

Imaged obtained from:

Furthermore, another galaxy may intercept our galaxy before this occurs. But not to worry, we won’t be around to see that one either and the impact on our solar system is also expected to be minimal.

View the full story at:

Watch a video of the two colliding at:

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Climate Change Activities

Just thought I’de take a moment to plug a website that was introduced to me today in my Middle Years Science university class.

There are many simple activities showing how a change in the global climate is going to influence precipitation, temperature, sea level pH, arctic ice melts etc. (you know, all the bad things that are going to happen due to the current change in climate).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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How much is a tree worth?

How much is a tree worth? Can we put $ value on a single tree?

That is exactly what Professor T.M.Das from the University or Calcutta  has done.  If a tree lives for 50 years then it will generate approximately $31 250 worth of oxygen and  $62000 worth of air pollution control. This is only a small fraction of what a tree is estimated to be worth.

So next time someone asks you ‘It’s only a single tree. What does it do for me?’ you can now answer them.

See the image below to view further.

Photo: Can you really place a value on a tree? These economists did. What an interesting way to think about our natural resources!

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New Species of Badger Bat from Sudan

Ever thought what you would get if you crossed a badger and a bat? You haven’t? That’s OK. I haven’t either. It would (most likely) be impossible to do.

However, we now have the next best thing. A new species of bat has been discovered in South Sudan by researchers from  Bucknell University.

Named the ‘badger bat’ due to it’s remarkable black and white colour patterning; this is another example of new species in the mammal taxa that still being discovered across the globe.

For the full story go to

Striped like a badger -- new genus of bat identified in South Sudan







Credit: DeeAnn Reeder, Bucknell University

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How close is Mars to the Earth? When we think of it on a galactic scale we know that it really isnt that far. However, from lonely human point of view – its a really, really, really big hike.

The following link provides a nice visual representation of how far Mars really is to Earth.

Its a long way to Mars

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The effect of low socio-economic class on schooling success in Australia: case studies from Australia and around the world

Hey all

The following pdf is my attempt at describing how socio-economic status can influence schooling success within Australia. This was part of a university assignment. It may not be great (and more proof reading should have been done) but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy. Oh yes, you’ll have to click the text below to access it.

Middle Years Assignment

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Climate Change – Surviving the Future

I have read alot of blogs recently that imply that there is not an increase in the average global temperature. I have also read blogs implying that this is real but the question of if it’s man-made or not is still being debated.

There are very few (I don’t think there are any to be honest but someone should help me back that statement up) peer-reviewed scientific articles that say that the current change in climate is not due to man. The ‘question’ of if the current change in climate is caused by man comes largely from political or media sources with very little, reliable, evidence to back up there claims.

The following video has leading experts in the field of climate change presenting their ideas to the audience at the University of Arizona. If you want to see what is currently happening (in relation to the change in climate) then skip to 12:00 on the video. However, I recommend watching the full presentation (if you have the time :P).

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