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Extreme weather set to get worse

2011 – 220 scientists – experts in the field of global climate – conclude that extreme weather is increasing – heatwaves to become more damaging – intense rainfall to become…well….more intense. Not good news for Australia – especially considering that … Continue reading

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Climate Change Activities

Just thought I’de take a moment to plug a website that was introduced to me today in my Middle Years Science university class. There are many simple activities showing how a change in the global climate is going to influence … Continue reading

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Climate Change – Surviving the Future

I have read alot of blogs recently that imply that there is not an increase in the average global temperature. I have also read blogs implying that this is real but the question of if it’s man-made or not is … Continue reading

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Dogs speak Climate Change

Hey all Dogs speak climate change you ask? To that I say – kinda. The problem with communicating Climate Change to the public is that the majority of the public get their information from media sources – which are the … Continue reading

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Q and A – Tim Flannery – Climate Change Skeptics

I can’t say I agree with some of these points by the ‘Biologist’ and the second questioner. Unfortunetly – some people don’t entirely agree with points of Tim Flannary.

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An Abbreviated History of Fossil Fuels

Hey All I recently came across this Youtube Video that  will give you a brief version of why we (i.e. the human race and the next generation) will be (and forgive my improper use of the English language) ‘screwed’ if we … Continue reading

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Engineering a Future for Amphibians under climate change

Hey all. Well, it’s a Monday morning and I’m sitting at work at 8am procrastinating on my blog. Then a thought occurred to me. Why should I feel bad for procrastination when I can tell everyone out there about a paper … Continue reading

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