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How much is a tree worth?

How much is a tree worth? Can we put $ value on a single tree? That is exactly what Professor T.M.Das from the University or Calcutta  has done.  If a tree lives for 50 years then it will generate approximately … Continue reading

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How Big Are We?

In the hussel and bussel of everyday life one doesn’t really think about the ‘greater picture’. How important are we – the human race – in the grand scheme of things? My answer – not alot. For those that don’t … Continue reading

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Q and A – Tim Flannery – Climate Change Skeptics

I can’t say I agree with some of these points by the ‘Biologist’ and the second questioner. Unfortunetly – some people don’t entirely agree with points of Tim Flannary.

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An Abbreviated History of Fossil Fuels

Hey All I recently came across this Youtube Video that  will give you a brief version of why we (i.e. the human race and the next generation) will be (and forgive my improper use of the English language) ‘screwed’ if we … Continue reading

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Lets go with the popular guy!

Howdy Bloggers and Blogets For those of you living in Queensland, Australia, you will well know that yesterday the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman, is going to try to get leadership of the Liberal-National Party (LNP) for Queensland. To do … Continue reading

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The Oil Causes the Quaking

Yes Folks. You heard right! Pumping all that oil out of the ground has been causing the earthquakes that have been blasted all over the world news as of late. This is from the opinion piece section of the Gold … Continue reading

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Opinion piece rebuttal

I quote an opinion piece sent in by one the Gold Coast Bulletins Readers published in the edition of the 14th MArch 2011;  “Devastating earthquakes, killer tsunamis, crazy cyclones, destructive floods. Has there ever been more evidence in favour of … Continue reading

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