Two galaxies collide – and our galaxy (The Milky Way) is one of them

The Andromeda and the Milk Way galaxies are expected to collide. Scientists now say (with near certainty) that the two will meet and merge in the future. The two galaxies are being pulled together by both gravity and invisible dark matter.

But not to worry – the Earth and our Sun will be left relatively unharmed. Furthermore, this event isn’t expected to happen within the next 4 billion years.

However, if we were around to see the night sky we would see amazing images. See the image below for a great example:

Imaged obtained from:

Furthermore, another galaxy may intercept our galaxy before this occurs. But not to worry, we won’t be around to see that one either and the impact on our solar system is also expected to be minimal.

View the full story at:

Watch a video of the two colliding at:

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