Climate Change – Surviving the Future

I have read alot of blogs recently that imply that there is not an increase in the average global temperature. I have also read blogs implying that this is real but the question of if it’s man-made or not is still being debated.

There are very few (I don’t think there are any to be honest but someone should help me back that statement up) peer-reviewed scientific articles that say that the current change in climate is not due to man. The ‘question’ of if the current change in climate is caused by man comes largely from political or media sources with very little, reliable, evidence to back up there claims.

The following video has leading experts in the field of climate change presenting their ideas to the audience at the University of Arizona. If you want to see what is currently happening (in relation to the change in climate) then skip to 12:00 on the video. However, I recommend watching the full presentation (if you have the time :P).

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