How Big Are We?

In the hussel and bussel of everyday life one doesn’t really think about the ‘greater picture’. How important are we – the human race – in the grand scheme of things?

My answer – not alot.

For those that don’t know, the universe is a really, really, really big place. To big for most to fathom. And we (our planet) are but a tiny spec in this universe. If you want to put it into perspective, picture all the grains of sand on beach. Rather alot isn’t there? Now imagine that every single one of those grains is a planet. “Thats alot of planets indeed old boy” I hear you say. Well – there are more planets than this in the universe. So that is indeed a S***load of planets.

The Andromeda galaxy.

The Andromeda galaxy – a similar galaxy to our own – every bit of light you can see is probably a star with the potential to have planets around it – Photo obtained from

The point of all this is that the planet (or tiny grain of sand) that we currently live (at least for now) is the only one we have. We need to look after it in order to preserve our own future. After all, the beach is a big place, and who cares if one minor grain of sand is destroyed.

The following YouTube Video is excellent in putting everything into perspective – I HIGHLY recommened you watch it – it’ll change your perspective:

Also go to for the latest images from NASA.

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