Dogs speak Climate Change

Hey all

Dogs speak climate change you ask? To that I say – kinda.

The problem with communicating Climate Change to the public is that the majority of the public get their information from media sources – which are the most reliable sources on the planet…no wait….i retract that last statement…..UNIVERSE!!!!

At least that is what the media outlets would like you to think. In fact, media outlets are probably the worst place to receive information about Climate Change.

Because of the this, the Victorian Government in Australia have released four cartoon dogs (named Enso, Indy, Sam and Ridgy) to educate the public (primarily farmers) about climate change. They also steer clear of the term ‘Climate Change’ as some people have already made up their minds on this matter and any sources of ‘new’ information on this matter wouldn’t make any difference to their belief.

Each dog represent  four climate process that influence Victorias climate variability. The dogs go on to explain how these ‘dogs’ have changed over time and how these changes are influencing the weather.

Have a look at the video at the link below and let us know if you think it’ll be effective in any way.

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2 Responses to Dogs speak Climate Change

  1. Woof! John just told me about this. I’m afraid I’m going to steal it and blog it myself…

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