Protecting Rara

Roads are always problem when it comes to conservation. Often, they fragment habitat that is already highly disturbed. In Nepal there is the Karnali Highway that, at present, reaches  the eastern shore of Rara, a national park. Locals want to extend the highway to allow for easier tourism access. This would help the local economy, which is one of the poorest within the country.

This issue often pops up in poorer countries, do you extend a road to bring in tourism and help the economy at the the risk of harming the health of the environment?

I am presently tired and not thinking straight so will leave it there but for more info go to:




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1 Response to Protecting Rara

  1. lipy says: is true that people are trying to extend the road but not just for tourism..i guess everything has a good n a bad aspect…we may be protecting the environment but what about the health of those poor people who are dying because of inadequate health facilities…it is not as simple as it looks…there are interrelated issues regarding this subject!!
    well well…but it also doesn’t mean that we will have to destroy the environment… we can always conserve it!! :-))

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