Saving a Possum

The Leadbeater’s possum, located in Victoria within Australia, is on the brink of extinction (despite being the Victorian fauna emblem). Currently, the wild population is approx. 1000, with about 80% their habitat within areas that are considered ‘loggable’. If their habitat is logged than there is an extremely high possibility that the area will be unsuitable for Leadbeater’s possum for up to 200 years. There have been proposals to implement ‘island’ forests within cleared areas to help maintain this species population. However, this will present problems (i.e. knowing exactly what size ‘island’ to keep in order to maintain a species within it).

Leadbeater's Possum - Photo & Copyright Gary Lewis -

This species was first described in 1867 and was rediscovered in 1961 after decades of its disappearance. On Sunday April 3rd 2011 the re-discover (Eric Wilkinson) was honoured by the Melbourne University for this re-discovery. Eric used his time in the spot light to point out that the Victorian government isn’t doing enough to protect old trees and fallen logs and that the species may be extinct within the next 50 years.

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