Cane Toads – Should I really kill them?

G’Day from the land of Oz

I recently posted a Ramble trying to describe exactly how fun it is for Cane Toads to be killed by a gold club. To further shed some light on this issue, I shall how attempt to convince you why you should not kill them.

I will simply ask you one question:- Can you spot the Cane Toad?” Well of course I can – I’m no fool, fool!” I hear yourself say. Well please – look below and tell me – which one is the Cane Toad?

Spot the Cane Toad - not all images are mine - I forget where I got most of them from

 So, which one is the Cane Toad? The correct answer – then bottom right. All other frogs are native Australian frogs. For those that got it wrong, how many Cane Toads have you killed that you are now 100% sure that they were Cane Toads?

Alot of people make this mistake. There are numerous species of frogs that are native to Australia that ‘look’ like toads. You should never kill a toad for that one simple reason – that is – how sure are you that you are actually killing a cane toad and not an individual of a native species?

And besides, if you were to remove the Cane Toad from the area it would simply be replaced with another Cane Toad that would move in to fill the niche/territory.

So please – don’t kill Cane Toads. It may not be a Cane Toad and you are not really doing anything towards conservation or preventing the impact that Cane Toads have on Australia’s predatory species.

Just for interest – please post telling me which one you thought was the Cane Toad.

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6 Responses to Cane Toads – Should I really kill them?

  1. Rako says:

    I thought it was the bright green one … 😦


  2. I got it right, but that’s to be expected. We all know I’m awesome.

  3. Guy Next Door says:

    Damn. I thought this was a trick question – my answer was, “all of the above”…

    Don’t forget the other dilemma with killing cane toads; it needs to be done in a relatively painless manner with consideration of the consequences of such a deed. Going out into the bush with your favourite pitching wedge is not on!

    Peace out.

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