The Oil Causes the Quaking

Yes Folks. You heard right! Pumping all that oil out of the ground has been causing the earthquakes that have been blasted all over the world news as of late.

This is from the opinion piece section of the Gold Coast Bulletin:

IF we stopped taking oil from the ground the earth might stop quaking!

How great is that! All we need to do to stop these earthquakes is stop taking oil out of the ground.

Unfortunately I don’t think this reader understands the theories of plate tectonic movements. In short – Earthquakes are caused when one plate slides or pushes against another. It is a natural process that has been occurring since ever since the earth itself was made from the Giant Spag. Monster and his Noddely Appendages and I will not go into the detail of how it all works now. Removing oil from the ground has nothing to do with their movements (as far as the Science is concerned). Although – I do have a good idea – what if we got the oil and put it back into the fault lines between the plates so everything moves more smoothly? No? Was just a thought.


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5 Responses to The Oil Causes the Quaking

  1. I love it! The Earth needs better lubrication. Shell, get on it!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Do you think this person has ulterior motives for spreading this rumour? Instead of trying to convince people of the link between use of fossil fuels and climate change, scare them into not using oil by threatening them with further earthquakes if they do.

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