Traveling Nepal

Good morrow to you all

I would like to write a brief post on my recent visit to Nepal.

Despite being a ‘third world’ country where people have very little (in comparison to people in the ‘civilized’ world) Nepal is an amazing country. The kindness and generosity of the Nepalese people is something to be commended. All people will always greet you with a smile and be happy to have a chat or a cup of honey tea.

The landscape is nothing like I have ever experienced. In one part of the country you have the Himalayas – majestic and awe-inspiring – while in another part of the country you can have lush ‘jungle’ where elephants, rhinos and tigers dwell.

The fauna is amazing. For those in Australia who are ‘twichers’ (i.e. birders) then picture a Magpie crossed with a Kingfisher and you get a Pied Kingfisher. For anyone who’s into larger fauna then, as previously mentioned, Rhinos, tigers or elephants are there for the viewing. However, these large mammals are not the only large fauna in Nepal, with Sloth Bears and Wild Deer there for additional viewing. The native species of Bufo is different from the Cane Toad in Australia, with marbled black and white belly and additional black spots running around its eyes and down its back (picture attached).

All and all, Nepal is an amazing country where you can feel safe, see exotic fauna, get a decent meal cheaply and hike around in the Himalayas where the views are unlike anything you will see anywhere else in the world. It will change your perspective on everything that you believe (in a good way).

The video link is from my first trip to Nepal where I visited Chitwan National Park and then hiked a section of the Annapurna Circuit with a bunch of students from Griffith University in 2009. If you watch, then I hope you enjoy.

Nepalese Bufo

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4 Responses to Traveling Nepal

  1. Anustha says:

    Clay you mentioned really nice things about Nepal. It is just too good. Nepal is slowly and steadily progressing and we Nepalese are always hopeful. Your blog made me really proud of my country and people. πŸ™‚

  2. lipy says:

    hey clay, i just read your blog n i’m really thankful to u for writing such wonderful things about Nepal and Nepalese!! :-)..Nepal is an amazing country and it has a great diversity in almost everything…it may be culture,religion,landscape or biodiversity!! Nepal just needs to be promoted among the people all over the world so that everyone can get a glimpse of this small country of ours!! :-))..all the best!

  3. Menuka says:

    Very well said about Nepal. Thanks a lot for that and you are right that despite its small area it had great diversity in almost every aspect. It would be more interesting to know about some of the work you did during your visit in Nepal which can be in terms of plot setup, bird diversity, vegetation or something about amphibians if any.

    Good work…keep it up…..will be always happy to read more.

  4. Thanks Guys for the kind words. Im glad the people of Nepal agree with what I said πŸ˜›

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