Fresh Start

Hey all

For those of you out there that are following me (which I assume is no one) then ‘Im back baby!’

After reading numerous opinions of what I believe can only be described as ‘garbage’ I have forced myself to try and write my opinions of the goings on in this world at least once a week.

I will take a different approach this time round and talk about whatever I feel like and not limit myself to particular issues. This way my thoughts can be heard by whomever wishes to read them.

I encourage logical arguments against or for my ideas by you so to better come to a logical conclusion on any matters where opinions may be split.

For now I bid you a new ‘Hello’ and hope read your comments on my posts in the near future.

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1 Response to Fresh Start

  1. I have noticed grammical errors in this post but I can’t be bothered changing them – so no need to reply to this post attacking my incorrect grammer ways.

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