A froggie night out

To those that don’t know : Good Rain = Good Frogging (most of the time). On Sunday 7th of Feb 2010 the Gold Coast received rainfall that they havn’t seen in months (93.6mm recorded at the Gold Coast Seaway). Being locked inside all day I was rather bored during the day. Then nightfall came and the rain was starting to ease. Grabbing the headlight, a camera and a video camera I rushed to the nearest known Litoria brevipalmata (Green Thighed Frog) pond in my area.

Upon arrival I was embraced by a chorus of different frog species. Grabbing my camera I located the call of Green Thighed Frog and slowly entered the water. Eventually, after several minutes, I glanced behind a bunch of green sedges and there he was. Vocal sack out and ready he was calling like there was no tomorrow.

As I stood there waist deep in water I thought to myself that this was the best ‘frogging’ I had done in a very long time. Why is that I hear you ask. Simply put – Green Thighed Frogs are explosive breeders.

Explosive breeders are organisms that have a very short breeding season. In the case of the Green Thighed Frog breeding is bought on by their ephemeral breeding ponds being filled after heavy rainfall. Being ephemeral, it is believed that the Green Thighed Frog cannot successfully reproduce in water bodies where fish are present. It is well-known that fish (both native and non-native) are known predators of frog tadpoles. This is of high concern in certain Green Thighed Frog ponds that become connected to permanent waterbodies where fish are present.

Due to their breeding nature it is extremely difficult to locate populations of Green Thighed Frog. This could lead to land development occurring in Green Thighed Frog habitat where inadequate surveys are conducted.

This is just part one of the Green Thighed Frog story. I shall add more information after a little sleep (frogging takes it out of you).

Calling Litoria brevipalmata

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2 Responses to A froggie night out

  1. James Webley says:

    Nice work you mad frogger. Now I know why people get mad when the drain by Frog lane is cleared/dredged.

  2. Kate Leopold says:

    Great blog Clay, ill be keeping my eyes out for more updates on the green thighed frog adventures!

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